Aug 27, 2015

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9 Tips For Success In Roulette Game

rouletteThe Internet is overwhelmed with “winning” systems for roulette, which are, of course, for sale. You do not need to buy a system for a roulette game. We will offer you some free tips instead to help you successfully play this interesting casino game.

Maybe you are already familiar with the game of roulette, but it cannot hurt to pay attention to the following:

1. A roulette game-strategy implies that you are familiar with all the stakes and the odds for certain fields on the roulette table. Be sure to familiarize with them before depositing money in an online casino. The rules are very simple, and even if you have never played, you can learn everything really quickly.

2. This is the game of chances and ratio – roulette ball has no memory, each round is a separate and last rotation does not affect the following. If the ball lands on black ten times, the chances in the next round are still 50-50. This is something you have to understand in order to be successful in the game. Many previously mentioned systems are based on the progressive doubling, claiming that after 5, 6 or 10 of the same throws – the next one “must” end up on the other side, which is absolutely not true.

3. Play European roulette – in this game, the house has the advantage of 2.70%. On the other hand, American roulette, with the addition of 00, provides the casino with extra profit and advantage in this case is 5.26%.

4. Best stakes – if you want to stay in the game, select ratios that give you the greatest chance of winning. These are black, red and other fields of 50-50 chance. Steaks like this will give you a solid chance of 45%, so you will keep the bank intact – which is especially important in playing the bonuses offered by online casinos.

5. En prison (captured stake) – some casinos offer this option, thus limiting their advantage to just 1.35% and this is the opportunity you can use. This means that if you set up the chip on an external bet and the ball lands on 0, you do not lose the bet, but you cannot change it either. It remains on the same field for another round.

roulette-single-euro-lo-roller6. Worst steaks – avoid all the steaks on individual numbers, since they give the casino a huge advantage of 7.89%.

7. Disposal of money – be aware that the amount that you have set aside for gambling can very easily be lost. Do not place the money you need for other things in the casino in the hope that it will easily double. If you lose your bank, do not try to immediately make up for the loss. However, if you earn some money, do not be greedy and start looking for more. It is the earnings that pose the greatest challenge for most players and they do not know when to stop.

8. Do not force it – you will guess the number now and then, but the luck will not constantly follow you. As we said, roulette ball has no memory and do not think that if the last time after number 12 it landed on 1, the same thing has to happen after the next 12.roulette (1)

9. Why do I play – ask yourself this question. If you want an interesting and exciting game, then online roulette is the game for you. If you want a better chance of winning, try Blackjack or a game where the house’s advantage is smaller. But whatever you decide to play – enjoy the game.

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