Sep 10, 2015

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Best strategies to use in Online Roulette

Playing Online Roulette can be really fun thing to do, but to earn money playing Online Roulette is something else. Best way to earn cash this way is to devise and use strategies while playing. Here you will see few fast step by step strategies that are used by a lot of players.
It is advised to test every strategy with virtual money, before risking real cash.
First strategy is Chasing the Dream. This strategy focuses on single number bets and is all about winning big. Find roulettes with lower house edge and possible bonuses on your winnings for this strategy.
First step for the first spin in this strategy is to place you chips on a single number. It does not matter which number it is. If you win, which is not likely to happen, withdraw your money and walk away 35 times your bet.
If you lose keep that bet going and add a half of that bet in chips on any dozen except that of your chosen number. Keep investing on different dozens until your original one bet number wins the spin.

This strategy is pretty time consuming but it will give you a chance for some big cash.
Next strategy is one of the most successful strategies ever used. It does not earn you a large amount of chips and can be quite fast, but it will let you earn some money. The fact that most casinos in real world forbid playing this strategy on their tables says a lot about it. Name of this strategy is Martingale strategy.
It is a simple strategy of fifty-fifty odds. You play either black or red, lower end of number or higher, or even or odd numbers, it does not matter. You place your chips on one of those bets, and the ball spins. If you win, then you simply repeat the process. If you lose you double the wager and repeat that until you win.
Because of simplicity of this strategy many casinos have limits on number of times a player can double the same wager. But most of restrictions imposed on roulette games don’t exist in Online Roulette, so players can always profit small money from this strategy.
Next strategy is a time eater, and it often takes a lot of money to cover your losses before winning. First bets are as follow, bets on first two columns of two to one, and an outside red wager. This pattern with this amount should be played at least ten times for beginning.
As time consuming as it sounds, this strategy offers only small profits. But it also reduces chances of losing on only five places where ball can stop.
Next and the last of Online Roulette strategies is Fibonacci Roulette strategy. It is similar but evolved version of Martingale strategy. It is a bit complicated as it brings into the play retracing your bets and placing them according on your previous plays. In short, it means that every time you win you go to two wagers you played beforehand and bet that amount in your next spin.

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