Sep 10, 2015

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Best strategies to use in Online Roulette

Playing Online Roulette can be really fun thing to do, but to earn money playing Online Roulette is something else. Best way to earn cash this way is to devise and use strategies while playing. Here you will see few fast step by step strategies that are used by a lot of players.
It is advised to test every strategy with virtual money, before risking real cash.
First strategy is Chasing the Dream. This strategy focuses on single number bets and is all about winning big. Find roulettes with lower house edge and possible bonuses on your winnings for this strategy.
First step for the first spin in this strategy is to place you chips on a single number. It does not matter which number it is. If you win, which is not likely to happen, withdraw your money and walk away 35 times your bet.
If you lose keep that bet going and add a half of that bet in chips on any dozen except that of your chosen number. Keep investing on different dozens until your original one bet number wins the spin.

This strategy is pretty time consuming but it will give you a chance for some big cash.
Next strategy is one of the most successful strategies ever used. It does not earn you a large amount of chips and can be quite fast, but it will let you earn some money. The fact that most casinos in real world forbid playing this strategy on their tables says a lot about it. Name of this strategy is Martingale strategy.
It is a simple strategy of fifty-fifty odds. You play either black or red, lower end of number or higher, or even or odd numbers, it does not matter. You place your chips on one of those bets, and the ball spins. If you win, then you simply repeat the process. If you lose you double the wager and repeat that until you win.
Because of simplicity of this strategy many casinos have limits on number of times a player can double the same wager. But most of restrictions imposed on roulette games don’t exist in Online Roulette, so players can always profit small money from this strategy.
Next strategy is a time eater, and it often takes a lot of money to cover your losses before winning. First bets are as follow, bets on first two columns of two to one, and an outside red wager. This pattern with this amount should be played at least ten times for beginning.
As time consuming as it sounds, this strategy offers only small profits. But it also reduces chances of losing on only five places where ball can stop.
Next and the last of Online Roulette strategies is Fibonacci Roulette strategy. It is similar but evolved version of Martingale strategy. It is a bit complicated as it brings into the play retracing your bets and placing them according on your previous plays. In short, it means that every time you win you go to two wagers you played beforehand and bet that amount in your next spin.

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Sep 9, 2015

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Online Or Live ? The Answer Is : Poker

gambling chips

Why is Dan Bilzerian so popular? What does Boris Becker do in his free time? Without what James Bond wouldn’t be James Bond? Answer is poker. Simple as that. All of these guys made poker one of the most popular card games ever and someone plays it live, someone online but what is the major difference, where are advantages compared to each other?

Live poker is THE poker. It exists for more than 150 years and is being played worldwide. Its most popular form is Texas Hold’em two hand card poker which is massively played online. Most popular one is probably Zynga’s. But playing it live brings such a thrill and excitement when expecting a good hand or some turnover card. There lies its fun side, in expectation.

15Live poker exists through tournaments mostly since the ’70s and the era of Johnny Moss and Bobby Baldwin. These two are the grandfathers of casino played poker tournaments. Those were the days of honest poker play and real winnings. If we outline fun sides of live poker what do we leave to online one?

Online poker, as its name says, is an online version of poker. Of course you can still make a huge amounts of cash and playing is simpler and chipper but do you know how that system works? When you are playing live, you see all of those cards and you see the dealer and most importantly your biggest advantage is that you are in ability to see other players. You can watch them and look for things that will benefit you. For instance, are they nervous or are they mad. It is very important thing to know your opponent. Angry and stressed players are more likely to lose.

Professional players more often choose to play live rather online.

The biggest disadvantage of online poker is that there are more cheaters online. While playing online it’s possible for you to use additional software that will calculate possible card out percentages way faster than any human could do. These things are hard to monitor because poker is simple and game with very direct approach.

On the other hand, online poker is excellent when you want to play on small bets. Literally, you have ability to start with 10$ and rise to a few thousands. And you can play it on your phone or laptop anywhere on world where you have Internet connection. Poker on phone is a little bit harder to control because everything is miniaturized. But its good graphics, speed and mechanics make it look great on any iOS or Android.

Both of these categories have their own pros and cons and they both look good when you watch excellent players at the table. If you have an opportunity to become such player, you should take it. It doesn’t matter if you learn to play from your grandparents or online; it is an excellent game and you should play it live to keep up with the real thing and practice online when you have the chance.

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Sep 7, 2015

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Online casino – download or not?


Online casinos are something that grows in popularity with each passing day. According to some recent studies there are over 2000 websites dedicated to this type of content. A lot of money is going around in modern day gambling industry and the progress seems unstoppable.
Online-casinoBut how did online casinos became so popular?
The history of online gambling starts in the 1990s, predominantly in 1994-95 when the first law which authorized internet sites to provide real money online games was passed in Antigua and Barbuda. Soon after this ground-breaking step software companies were founded and the first online casino was created. It was called the Gaming Club and it is operational even today.

What games did online casinos offer?
The first online casino sites provided only a handful of games if we compare that to hundreds of games they provide today. In those pioneer days the internet was in its infancy and computer technology was on significantly lower level. However, as online casinos were based on the idea of being replicas of land-based ones they provided the players with the chance to enjoy in the most popular games in real life, for example slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, etc.

online-casinoWhat online casinos look like today?
Nowadays, we have a large amount of casinos on offer and they provide all sorts of services and types of games. Several software companies have risen above the competition and their names have become recognizable and respected world wide. Among them, names like Microgaming, CryptoLogic, Realtime Gaming and Playtech mean the best quality of games and security. Although they provide millions of various games the habits have not changed much so people still mostly play those “traditional” games.

How can you play online?
As well as great variety of games, online casinos offer different possibilities when it comes to type of play. Recently, most of them started to provide options for mobile devices, predominantly through applications for iOS and Android operating systems. Until the move to mobile internet is completed for all the users, online casinos will provide options for playing on desktop computers. There are two ways in which gamblers can do this: via downloaded software or without download, i.e. directly in the browser.
Most online casinos offer the option of choice to every customer who is interested in online gambling. There are also some of those who provide only one of the possibilities mentioned above. When the site requests you to download the package you need to follow a fairly simple instruction set in order to start your entertainment.

imagesWhat are the benefits of that?
There are pros and cons for each type of playing, and the debate is still ongoing. In the end, it comes down to taste and everybody can pick what he likes. However, here are some advantages of playing with downloaded software:

  • Greater selection of games
  • Superior quality of graphics and sound
  • Less dependence on internet access
  • Full customer support
  • Download is usually free
  • Better protection of user data and personal information.

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Sep 4, 2015

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iPhone And iPad Casino Games – Similarities And Differences


All around the world, iPhone has been the most popular and the most wanted mobile device in the last couple of years. The first model was launched in 2007, and not long after that the people went crazy about it. Nowadays the iPhone has become more available and the number of its users is on the rise day by day. Together with this, the number of iPhone apps is constantly increasing. Developers of applications and games certainly recognize the need of this market to be more versatile, and since it is still relatively fresh, there is still plenty of room for new ideas, new apps and improvement.

3517905088With the development of many different games, the casino games suitable for iPhone have also found their place. Online casinos have existed for quite some time now, and they are a well-developed area of business and as serious as brick-and-mortar casinos. With the increasing number of iPhone users, online casinos are also among those who recognize the need for iPhone apps, therefore many online casinos of today offer the apps for playing roulette, blackjack, slots, poker and many other more or less popular casino games.

Whether you have an iPhone or an iPad (or both), in order to work, the games require iOS3.x or any later version of operating system. You can choose the online pokies you like and play the games directly through a browser, but some casinos still use Flash platform for their games, so it might happen that this doesn’t work. However, many of the websites for online casinos are staring to use HTML5, which is supported by iOS, so the choice of online casinos suitable for iPhone users is on the increase. Another way to play casino games is to download the app of the game you like onto your device. It works the same with both iPod and iPad. You can both choose the game in the online casino of your preference, and follow the link which will lead you to the iPhone app for the game. The other way is to browse through Apple Store in search of the game you want to play and install the application from there.

a6f84e17ec81d260f71b94f1efbf01caWhen it comes to playing through iPhone and iPad, there are good and bad sides to both choices, even though they are pretty similar. They use the same operating system, the apps are downloaded in completely the same way, the graphics of games are well-designed, bright and sharp, and both devices are very user-friendly and the games played through them are fast-responsive. But there are some differences in choosing one device rather than the other. If you decide to use an iPhone for your games, you might have a problem with seeing what is going on in some of the games, since the screen is simply too small. You should pay more attention to the choice of game and make sure to choose the one where you can see clearly and know what you are doing. When it comes to iPads, if you want to use one for playing casino games, you should have no previous problem, since the screen is significantly larger. However, with larger screen there comes smaller portability, and if you need to fit a device in your pocket or purse, this may be a bit of a problem.

Whichever device you choose to play on, you will certainly have a large choice of games and you will enjoy the fantastic graphics, sounds and the overall experience. And who knows, you might even hit the jackpot, too!

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Sep 2, 2015

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iPhone Gambling Apps


As you probably already know, the first iPhone was launched in 2007. The first iPhone casinos began appearing on iTunes in 2012, and they were offering their users free gambling as well as gambling for real money. Ever since the first appearance of online casino games for iPhone, many questions have been raised by iPhone users which are higher in number every day. It was unclear whether the online gambling through iPhone was legal, trustworthy, reliable and safe and whether there were gambling options outside the Apple Store. This was especially confusing for the residents of the USA, since the laws relates to online gambling have been becoming harsher over the past few years. All these questions were raised during the short period of time and they are still being answered to.

It is good to know that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 is the legislation of the USA which controls online casinos and regulates online gambling, but it is not directed at the gamblers, so it does not restrict you as a player in any way. With this in mind, you should know that you are able to gamble online with a smaller chance of being cheated, you can choose a reputable online casino fairly easily and enjoy gambling either for fun or for real money, without being restricted in any way as an individual.

Even though Apple’s policy on gambling states that their applications will not be related to online gambling, the situation has been changing since 2012, when the first online casino games for iPhone started appearing on iTunes. There may still not be a large number of casino applications for iPhone which allow you to play games for real money, but their number is certainly on the rise. On the other hand, thiphone-gambling-casino-slotse number of online casino websites that offer iPhone applications for their games is rapidly increasing. They allow you to download site-specific apps for your iPhone and play your favorite games through them. It is up to you whether you want to download the application from iTunes or directly from the online casino’s website, but be aware that if there are good and bad sides of both choices. The applications from iTunes are certain to be more trustworthy and you can be sure that no harm would be done to your device. But on the other hand, the applications you download directly from the casino’s website may contain bonuses and rewards for the casino’s customers, which you cannot find in the apps downloaded from iTunes. So if you plan to gamble for real money by using your iPhone, make sure to find a reliable online casino and download the application it provides.

When it comes to kinds of games you can play on your iPhone, they are usually the games you can find in a classic casino, such as poker, blackjack, slots or roulette. Seems the markets of iPhone pokies games is still a relatively new, it is expected that new games and new versions of old games are still to be created.

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Aug 27, 2015

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9 Tips For Success In Roulette Game

rouletteThe Internet is overwhelmed with “winning” systems for roulette, which are, of course, for sale. You do not need to buy a system for a roulette game. We will offer you some free tips instead to help you successfully play this interesting casino game.

Maybe you are already familiar with the game of roulette, but it cannot hurt to pay attention to the following:

1. A roulette game-strategy implies that you are familiar with all the stakes and the odds for certain fields on the roulette table. Be sure to familiarize with them before depositing money in an online casino. The rules are very simple, and even if you have never played, you can learn everything really quickly.

2. This is the game of chances and ratio – roulette ball has no memory, each round is a separate and last rotation does not affect the following. If the ball lands on black ten times, the chances in the next round are still 50-50. This is something you have to understand in order to be successful in the game. Many previously mentioned systems are based on the progressive doubling, claiming that after 5, 6 or 10 of the same throws – the next one “must” end up on the other side, which is absolutely not true.

3. Play European roulette – in this game, the house has the advantage of 2.70%. On the other hand, American roulette, with the addition of 00, provides the casino with extra profit and advantage in this case is 5.26%.

4. Best stakes – if you want to stay in the game, select ratios that give you the greatest chance of winning. These are black, red and other fields of 50-50 chance. Steaks like this will give you a solid chance of 45%, so you will keep the bank intact – which is especially important in playing the bonuses offered by online casinos.

5. En prison (captured stake) – some casinos offer this option, thus limiting their advantage to just 1.35% and this is the opportunity you can use. This means that if you set up the chip on an external bet and the ball lands on 0, you do not lose the bet, but you cannot change it either. It remains on the same field for another round.

roulette-single-euro-lo-roller6. Worst steaks – avoid all the steaks on individual numbers, since they give the casino a huge advantage of 7.89%.

7. Disposal of money – be aware that the amount that you have set aside for gambling can very easily be lost. Do not place the money you need for other things in the casino in the hope that it will easily double. If you lose your bank, do not try to immediately make up for the loss. However, if you earn some money, do not be greedy and start looking for more. It is the earnings that pose the greatest challenge for most players and they do not know when to stop.

8. Do not force it – you will guess the number now and then, but the luck will not constantly follow you. As we said, roulette ball has no memory and do not think that if the last time after number 12 it landed on 1, the same thing has to happen after the next 12.roulette (1)

9. Why do I play – ask yourself this question. If you want an interesting and exciting game, then online roulette is the game for you. If you want a better chance of winning, try Blackjack or a game where the house’s advantage is smaller. But whatever you decide to play – enjoy the game.

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