Sep 7, 2015

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Online casino – download or not?


Online casinos are something that grows in popularity with each passing day. According to some recent studies there are over 2000 websites dedicated to this type of content. A lot of money is going around in modern day gambling industry and the progress seems unstoppable.
Online-casinoBut how did online casinos became so popular?
The history of online gambling starts in the 1990s, predominantly in 1994-95 when the first law which authorized internet sites to provide real money online games was passed in Antigua and Barbuda. Soon after this ground-breaking step software companies were founded and the first online casino was created. It was called the Gaming Club and it is operational even today.

What games did online casinos offer?
The first online casino sites provided only a handful of games if we compare that to hundreds of games they provide today. In those pioneer days the internet was in its infancy and computer technology was on significantly lower level. However, as online casinos were based on the idea of being replicas of land-based ones they provided the players with the chance to enjoy in the most popular games in real life, for example slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, etc.

online-casinoWhat online casinos look like today?
Nowadays, we have a large amount of casinos on offer and they provide all sorts of services and types of games. Several software companies have risen above the competition and their names have become recognizable and respected world wide. Among them, names like Microgaming, CryptoLogic, Realtime Gaming and Playtech mean the best quality of games and security. Although they provide millions of various games the habits have not changed much so people still mostly play those “traditional” games.

How can you play online?
As well as great variety of games, online casinos offer different possibilities when it comes to type of play. Recently, most of them started to provide options for mobile devices, predominantly through applications for iOS and Android operating systems. Until the move to mobile internet is completed for all the users, online casinos will provide options for playing on desktop computers. There are two ways in which gamblers can do this: via downloaded software or without download, i.e. directly in the browser.
Most online casinos offer the option of choice to every customer who is interested in online gambling. There are also some of those who provide only one of the possibilities mentioned above. When the site requests you to download the package you need to follow a fairly simple instruction set in order to start your entertainment.

imagesWhat are the benefits of that?
There are pros and cons for each type of playing, and the debate is still ongoing. In the end, it comes down to taste and everybody can pick what he likes. However, here are some advantages of playing with downloaded software:

  • Greater selection of games
  • Superior quality of graphics and sound
  • Less dependence on internet access
  • Full customer support
  • Download is usually free
  • Better protection of user data and personal information.

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