Sep 9, 2015

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Online Or Live ? The Answer Is : Poker

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Why is Dan Bilzerian so popular? What does Boris Becker do in his free time? Without what James Bond wouldn’t be James Bond? Answer is poker. Simple as that. All of these guys made poker one of the most popular card games ever and someone plays it live, someone online but what is the major difference, where are advantages compared to each other?

Live poker is THE poker. It exists for more than 150 years and is being played worldwide. Its most popular form is Texas Hold’em two hand card poker which is massively played online. Most popular one is probably Zynga’s. But playing it live brings such a thrill and excitement when expecting a good hand or some turnover card. There lies its fun side, in expectation.

15Live poker exists through tournaments mostly since the ’70s and the era of Johnny Moss and Bobby Baldwin. These two are the grandfathers of casino played poker tournaments. Those were the days of honest poker play and real winnings. If we outline fun sides of live poker what do we leave to online one?

Online poker, as its name says, is an online version of poker. Of course you can still make a huge amounts of cash and playing is simpler and chipper but do you know how that system works? When you are playing live, you see all of those cards and you see the dealer and most importantly your biggest advantage is that you are in ability to see other players. You can watch them and look for things that will benefit you. For instance, are they nervous or are they mad. It is very important thing to know your opponent. Angry and stressed players are more likely to lose.

Professional players more often choose to play live rather online.

The biggest disadvantage of online poker is that there are more cheaters online. While playing online it’s possible for you to use additional software that will calculate possible card out percentages way faster than any human could do. These things are hard to monitor because poker is simple and game with very direct approach.

On the other hand, online poker is excellent when you want to play on small bets. Literally, you have ability to start with 10$ and rise to a few thousands. And you can play it on your phone or laptop anywhere on world where you have Internet connection. Poker on phone is a little bit harder to control because everything is miniaturized. But its good graphics, speed and mechanics make it look great on any iOS or Android.

Both of these categories have their own pros and cons and they both look good when you watch excellent players at the table. If you have an opportunity to become such player, you should take it. It doesn’t matter if you learn to play from your grandparents or online; it is an excellent game and you should play it live to keep up with the real thing and practice online when you have the chance.

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